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Breaking the Mold: Women’s Leadership

*This workshop can be customized to any industry

Are you leadership material? The answer depends in large part on your identity. Traditional mind models about leaders and leadership skew towards masculinity and other privileged identities, resulting in barriers that hold women back. In this workshop, participants will explore the unconscious biases we have about leaders and re-conceptualize leadership so that it works for, not against, people whose identities do not fit the traditional leadership mold. The workshop includes hands-on skill development for current and future women leaders as well as allies. This session is open to people of all identities.

Cracking the Confidence Code

Just like any skill, confidence can be developed. In this session, we will unpack why it is so hard for women and people with marginalized identities to feel confident, bust common myths about confidence, and discuss research-based strategies to build your confidence. Participants will leave with a two-week goal to build their confidence and a long-term action plan to achieve a personal or professional aspiration. This session is open to people of all identities.

Women’s Empowerment Through Community

Employee Resource Groups and Networks are critical resources for people with marginalized and minoritized identities. In this session, you will explore ways that communities empower women and the role of allies in supporting women’s success. This session is open to people of all identities.

Owning Our Story

What is your story? And how will you write the ending? This session gives women the opportunity to reflect on their personal and collective stories, learn more about themselves and each other, and build a community of shared advocacy and support within their organization.