Alexis Kanda-Olmstead (AKO)

Hello and welcome! With the conviction that the world needs brave women, I invite you to join me on this journey. 

I designed AKO Collective to support women who want to move into their Brave Space. I do this primarily through in-person workshops, online learning experiences, and social media.

My blog is a creative place where I write about whatever is present for me at the moment. Life as a mother, my identity as a newly-hatched activist, and reflections on my past experiences.

With my husband of seventeen years, I try really hard to raise two children to be amazing humans. I’d like to say we’re doing a good job of this, but they definitely watch too much television, bathe infrequently and hear me drop a few swear words here and there. 

It’s a busy and meaningful life, but not a perfect life. I get through with soy lattes and a glass of wine every night. 

I am a lover of books, Beyonce, Target, journals and really sharp #2 pencils. Women entrepreneurs fascinate me, so you’ll often find me wandering around locally-owned businesses for inspiration. 

I don’t have any hobbies per se, unless you count trying to change the world. If I could be anyone, I would be Wonder Woman, just with a lot more clothes on.


What costume?

My writing is a great way to get to know me, so I’ve listed below some of my favorite pieces. 

I’ve also made a few presentations here and there. 

The Answer Better Be YES: 5 Questions to Ask before Launching a Diversity Strategy

For more info about me, check out LinkedIn for the professional version. You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram or subscribe to my blog for the real version.