Hi, my name is Alexis.

I designed AKO Collective to support women who want live, work and lead bravely. A teacher at heart, I bring my work to women through in-person workshops, online learning experiences, and social media.

I care deeply about women and girls. I care about you. And just like you, I have to challenge myself to be brave.

It is not easy, but neither is living in fear. Below is my latest adventure in bravery, a TEDx talk on “The Science of Women’s Leadership.”

I’ve spent decades working with women just like you. Women who have so much to contribute to the world but aren’t sure where to start. Women with brilliant minds and big hearts who can’t see their own awesomeness.

I see you because I am you.

I’ve lived most of my life in a state of contrast. A high-achieving career woman who couldn’t find the courage to speak up during meetings. A working mother who tried to “do it all” but felt like a failure at everything. An outspoken feminist who struggled to push back against gender roles at home.

If there were anything I could tell you, it would be this:

You are not alone. Your self-doubt and fear are part of a larger story that touches all women.

The world needs you. Your voice is necessary, more than ever before, to create new possibilities for yourself and other women.

It’s time. You are enough. You are ready. You are the leader you’ve been waiting for.

Why AKO Collective

“coming together is essential to organize ourselves towards a new vision. in that vein, ‘community vs collective’ is at the core of my reconfiguration of what’s true.

we come together as community for some thing greater than ourselves.

we come together as a collective to each be greater selves.”

Rev. angel Kyodo williams

I am a lover of books, Beyoncé, journals and really sharp #2 pencils. Women entrepreneurs fascinate me, so you’ll often find me wandering around locally-owned businesses for inspiration. I don’t have any hobbies per se, unless you count trying to change the world. If I could be anyone, I would be Wonder Woman, just with a lot more clothes on.

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