Writing is like baking for me. I do it on special occasions only, when inspiration strikes and I have the time. All of my pieces are made with the primary ingredients of women’s lived experiences: love, fear, and of course, bravery. 

If I’m feeling particularly grumpy about the status of women, I’ll add in some spice, maybe zest a lemon or three. On those days, you might get my grandma’s lemon meringue pie sprinkled with cayenne pepper.

My intention is to delight, educate and challenge. To speak my truth, which may be yours as well. And to create community around this kitchen table of life.

I’ve listed below a few of my favorite pieces. Some are intense, others are funny. All of them are brave. Just like me.

Bon appétit,


Making Friends With This Body

And yet, I started to remember that little girl body, the one before the betrayals. The one that could run so fast, feel good in the sun and excited in the rain. Because I have a daughter and she is nine, around the age when this all started for me…

Mother’s Day Strike

So by the end of the ordeal, when my husband asked sweetly, “What else do you want to do today?” I slurped down the rest of my mimosa, surveyed the disaster on the table, and said, “You know what? I’m taking the day off.” And I did…

Marital Advice No One Gives You

There is no such thing as 50/50 except when you’re sharing dessert. Rather than performing long division to figure out if you’re both equally contributing to your marriage, parenting your kids, etc., rewrite the equation to You + Spouse = 100%… 

I Wished to be a Swallow (Reflections on Depression and Faith)

“This is when they should bury me,” I thought. This is when they should lower my body into the ground, when the sun turns the world golden before its arc into night. When everything is just a little too bright, just a little too beautiful, just a little too intense. Just like me…