We know where we want to go.  Sometimes there is even a clear path to get there. And yet, we pause. 

There are so many reasons we hesitate, and most of them are tied to our identities as women.  

Who am I to be great? Am I ready to do this? Is this the right path?

We must find a way to answer these questions because the world needs our voices, talents, perspectives and truths.

The world needs brave women.

Through the AKO Collective community, women’s leadership workshops and women’s group coaching events, you will reclaim what you knew so well as a young girl but may have forgotten along the way. 

You are great. You are ready to lead. And yes, this is the right path.

AKO Collective is first and foremost a community of women who aspire to lead and live bravely. This might look like having a difficult conversation, launching an entrepreneurial venture or simply visiting this website.

The world needs brave women. The world needs you.

Ready? Let’s go.