We know where we want to go.  Sometimes there is even a clear path to get there.

And yet, we pause.

There are so many reasons we hesitate, and most of them are tied to our identities as women.  

Who am I to be great?  

Am I ready to lead?  

Is this the right path?

Whether you are moving up the ladder in a system that does not support your way of being,

At home developing incredible humans to thrive in a world you yourself want to engage in more fully,

Or some creative combination of both,

This space is for you. 

Here you will explore your own path, moving forward bravely rather than standing still with anxiety and regret. 

Here you will listen to your own voice, not the many voices that tell you what it means to be a woman.

Here you will reclaim what you knew so well as a young girl but may have forgotten along the way. 

You are great.  

You are ready to lead.  

And yes, this is the right path.

I invite you to join us. 

Ready? Let’s go.


The world needs brave women

AKO Collective is first and foremost a community of women who aspire to lead and live bravely. This might look like having a difficult conversation, launching an entrepreneurial venture, or simply reading this website. Through workshops, group coaching events, creative projects, and the occasional protest, I help women find their brave voice and speak it.


I design and facilitate group coaching workshops for women that are purposeful yet playful, community-oriented but also focused on deep individual work. These intensive learning experiences are grounded in research on women’s development that is made real through activities, storytelling and dialogue.


Conscious Bravery Workshop in Golden, Colorado



Brave Girls & Their Mamas Workshop in Fort Collins, Colorado



Women’s Leadership Workshop at Colorado State University



Brave Mom’s Workshop in Fort Collins, Colorado


Book Club

I am currently leading a remote book club this spring. Playing Big, by Tara Mohr, is a powerful and wise tool for women who wish to move into their brave space. Upcoming book clubs will be announced via the AKO Collective Facebook page.


Join us on Facebook or subscribe to the AKO Collective blog to connect and share your experiences with other like-minded women. For a sample of my writing and to learn where this all started, check out A Room of One’s Own (Even a Broom Closet Will Do).

Coming Up

Starting this summer, I will be teaching a class through the CSU Online Colorado Women LEAD certificate program. Stay tuned for more information via Facebook.

If you are interested in working with me, please visit my Offerings page. I am always open to new ideas that are in the service of developing women.