Trainings & Keynotes

AKO Collective offers interactive keynotes, workshops, and events for businesses and nonprofits. In addition to presenting regularly for higher education clients, AKO Collective works with private industry clients to support Women in STEM and other DEI initiatives.

Recent Presentations & Work Samples

  • Building a Culture of Belonging (Boston University)
  • Closing the Gender Confidence Gap (Academic Impressions)
  • Leadership as a Social Justice Strategy (CASE Strategic Talent Management Conference)
  • Stepping Up for Racial Justice (AFP IDEA)
  • International Women’s Day Keynote (Faurecia)
  • Decolonizing Philanthropy (AFP)

Click here for sample slides from “Building a Culture of Belonging”

Click here for sample slides from “Cracking the Confidence Code”

Click here for sample slides from “Breaking the Mold: Women’s Leadership in STEM”

TEDxCSU The Science of Women’s Leadership

Colorado State University Women & Philanthropy Event

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