The Confidence Myth (and What This Means for Women’s Liberation)

I fell in love with Wonder Woman when I was six years old. She was a superhero made just for girls, and she was fabulous. My dad got me an autographed picture of her that we hung by my bed, and every night, I fantasized about having my own magical bracelets, truth-telling lasso, and invisible jet plane. Her strength and confidence were rarely seen in women, and they were the things that I most wanted to be someday when I grew up.

Fast forward 40 years, and she’s still the woman I hope to be someday. I have moments of strength, but that other quality – confidence – continues to elude me. I’m afraid to speak up in meetings, worried that I’ll sound stupid. I obsess over my emails, wondering if I’m writing too much or too little. And I’m deeply afraid that no one will show up for my talk show, so I think about cancelling it.

How confident we feel about something usually determines whether or not we’ll do it. We believe that if we don’t feel 100% confident, then we aren’t ready enough, good enough, or smart enough to take the risk. This is called the Confidence Myth, and it’s holding women back in ways big and small. From applying to a new job to launching a business, I’ve seen the Confidence Myth derail women’s ability to contribute to the world and pursue their dreams.

In this week’s Zoom talk show, we are going to debunk the Confidence Myth with research-based practices that don’t including telling women to act more like men. We’ll explore the common mistakes women make when trying to build their confidence and I’ll teach you how to do “confidence kegels” to strengthen your confidence over time.

Ready to get started? Grab your journal and let’s go.


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