Brave Women Lead Online Workshop

Registration is now open for the Brave Women Lead online workshop! This is a simple and accessible way to learn how to BE BRAVE from the comforts of your home.

Maybe with a glass of wine.

Definitely in your pajamas.

And the very best part?

Each registration includes a FREE registration for your Brave BFF. Because women learn best in community, we want you to bring yours with you.

How does it work?

The workshop runs April through June. On the first of the month, you will receive an email with a 30-minute video lesson and a downloadable Bravery Mindset Workbook with thought- and heart-provoking questions and activities. Forward the email to your Brave BFF or watch it together!

What will I learn?

  1. The Art & Science of Bravery – Here’s a little secret: You are already brave. This session will teach you ways to more consciously bring bravery into your life by reframing power and fear so you can practice bravery with intention.
  2. Storytelling as Liberation Work – For generations, women have not been the authors of their stories. This session will help you examine old stories so you can update them with your truth, rewrite and edit with your voice, and create new meaning for yourself.
  3. Authoring Your Brave New Story – Who is the woman you are aching to become? What breaks your heart about the world? And how can you bring these two together? That is the outline of your Brave New Story, and in this session you will start writing it.

How does this differ from other programs?

The workshop is grounded in research and draws upon 20 years of experience working with women. It’s also funny, and sometimes I swear. So there’s that, too.

Here’s a testimonial from a past online workshop participant –

Holy sh*t – this is good.  You are good. Nah, you are awesome and every second of those 30 minutes of the Herstory workshop was pure brilliance and love and beauty and courage.

How do I sign up? And what is the cost?

The workshop is priced at $39.00 and includes a donation to support women and girls in rural Africa through the Tererai Trent International Foundation.

The first Brave BFF is free. Each additional registration under your name is 30% off.

Register by March 31, 2019

Brave Women Lead Online Workshop

Three online workshops with activities, downloadable Bravery Mindset Workbook, and discussion questions. Webinars will be delivered to your inbox on the first of the month. Price includes a donation to the Tererai Trent International Foundation.



When will I receive the workshops and in what format?

You will receive an email link on the first of the month with a short video that you can watch on YouTube or download to your computer. You will also receive downloadable worksheets for your personalized Bravery Mindset Workbook.

Who do I contact with questions?

Email Alexis Kanda-Olmstead at with questions.

What’s the refund policy?

Unfortunately, we can’t refund online products. But you’re going to LOVE it, promise!