Workshop 2: Storytelling as Liberation Work


Helloooo Brave Woman!

How are you? And how did your two-week homework assignment go?

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Speaking of stories, I am SUPER excited to share this next workshop with you. For many years, I resisted the idea of storytelling, thinking it was akin to telling fairy tales.

It’s totally not.

Storytelling is powerful, deep and soulful work. In this workshop, we will:

  • Understand the power of language and how we can use it to unlearn
  • Explore strategies to re-frame our experiences using three simple tools
  • Practice storytelling to rewrite an old story that is holding you back


  • Create community with your Brave BFF’s

Ready to get started?

Open up your Bravery Mindset Workbook – Workshop 2, bust out your journal and click on the video below!

Brave on,


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