Workshop 1: The Art & Science of Bravery


OMGeeeee I am SO excited to ring in 2019 with you and your Brave BFF!

It’s a HUGE victory to decide that you want to invest time in yourself, especially as a woman.

There are so many expectations and commitments and fears that keep women away from self-care and growth.

So CONGRATULATIONS for making this commitment to yourself and your Brave BFF. You are a TOTAL rock star!

My work here is done. I will now refund your $39. 🙂

What’s your New Year’s wish, brave woman? And how might this workshop help you manifest it?

Over the next three months, we will be on a brave journey together.

On the first day of January, February, and March, you will receive an email from me that contains a link to the online workshop video and downloadable excerpts from the Bravery Mindset Workbook.

You can print the Workbook or use your own journal to complete the writing prompts.

If you can, it’s waaaay more fun to watch the webinar together with your Brave BFF, but if you can’t, that’s cool.

Forward her the email and set up a time to get together over coffee, wine, or both.

I’ve created the workshop topics to build upon each other. The content is streamlined to save you time, and the journaling activities will help you apply the lessons to your life.

I’ve presented these workshops to hundreds of women, and I pinky-swear promise that if you spend the 20ish minutes watching the video and doing the activities, you will get results.

Amazing, brave, and magical results.

One woman published a children’s book. Another started her own business. And still more learned how to bravely show up in small but important ways at home, at work, and everywhere in between.

As for me? Well, this time last year, I was TERRIFIED. I was sitting at my computer, just as I’m doing now, launching my first-ever workshop.

You can see the fear in this video. There is a HUGE difference between my introductory comments, which I did in the first shoot, and the lesson itself.

I took one brave baby step by shooting the first video and then – TADA! – I felt braver when I did the second one.

That’s how bravery works. And I’ll show you how.

Here’s a quick overview of the workshops that will help get you there:

Workshop1: The Art & Science of Bravery – This session will teach you how to more consciously bring bravery into your life by reframing power and fear (two key elements of bravery) so you can practice it with intention.

Workshop 2: Storytelling as Liberation Work – For generations, women have not been the authors of their stories. This session will examine old stories so you can rewrite and edit them with your voice and create new meaning for yourself.

Workshop 3: Authoring Your Brave New Story – Who is the woman you are aching to become? What breaks your heart about your world? The answers to these questions create the outline of your Brave New Story, and in this session you will start writing it.

Are you ready to get started, brave woman?

Let’s do this.


Before watching the video, be sure to open up the Bravery Mindset Workbook – Workshop 1.

Also, you can hit the little “cc” button (closed caption) to read and listen at the same time. I find this helps for visual learning.

PS – I mention my TEDx Talk, “The Science of Women’s Leadership,” in the lesson. I did that talk three months after posting this video, and the difference is SHOCKING.

Again, that’s how bravery works, and it will work for you, too. Click here to check it out!