Brave Women Bake, Create & Lead Online Workshop Series


Welcome Brave Women!!! And Happy New Year!

OMGeeeee this online workshop thing has been an intense learning experience! And I am SO excited to share the first one with you.

Over the next four months, you will receive a workshop video link and downloadable excerpts from the Bravery Mindset Workbook.

The topics include:

  1. Welcome & Herstory (January 1)
  2. The Art & Science of Bravery (February 1)
  3. Storytelling as Liberation Work (March 1)
  4. Authoring Your Brave New Story (April 1)

In addition, I will teach an online baking class LIVE with the option to stream it later.

Ready to get started?

Watch this overview video and then scroll down to access the online workshop and Bravery Mindset Workbook. As you’ll see in the video, you are welcome to share all of the workshop materials with your brave BFF’s. Women learn best in community with each other, and I wish that for you.

There are special bonuses for those who pay for the content, including individualized coaching via email with me. If your brave BFF’s wish to register for the webinar to receive these extras, they may do so at any time. Click here to register. 


Here it is – Workshop 1: Welcome to Herstory

This the first workshop! Woohoo! Grab your journal and open up the Bravery Mindset Workbook – Workshop 1.


And don’t forget your homework!

  • Share this with your brave BFF’s and gather together at a later date over coffee/wine/both to hear each other’s stories.
  • I would love to read your herstory, so please send it to me via email at Also, feel free to include any and all feedback about the workshop in your email.
  • OH! And remember to join the private Facebook page and introduce your fabulous self! Take a picture with your brave BFF’s and share it on the page, post a question or comment. That would make my heart sooooo happppyyyyy!!!!

Brave on,