Workshop 4: Authoring Your Brave New Story


Helloooo Brave Woman!

This is our LAST online workshop together!

Whuuuuuutttt???!!!! Where did the past 4 months go, right?

Well, they went to all kinds of brave places!

We started out writing our Herstories and then got down with the Art & Science of Bravery where we learned how to create a Bravery Canvas.

After that, we told some old stories in new, more powerful ways through Storytelling as Liberation Work. And now, we are ready to author Your Brave New Story!

In this video, you will see my actual, real-life face because I filmed it at the LIVING SCHOOL, my new most favoritest place to play. I hope you can make it out one day!

Speaking of which, my first class is coming up soon. For more info, check it out here.


Okay, back to business. In this workshop, we will:

  • Understand the New Paradigm of Authentic Leadership
  • Identify & Explore Your Top 5 Core Values
  • Draft an Outline of Your Brave New Story


  • Create community with your Brave BFF’s

Ready to get started?

Grab your journal, open up your Bravery Mindset Workbook 4 and click on the video below. (Yep, that’s me in my Wonder Woman hoodie!)

I will plan to see you on The Facebook on May 1 for a live baking class. Until then…

Brave on!


PS – Registration for my first class is now open! For more info, check it out here.