Women’s Leadership Workshops

If you are seeking a women’s leadership development experience that is purposeful yet fun, community-oriented but also individualized to your needs, join us for the next Women’s Leadership Workshop.

These intensive learning experiences are based on research about women’s development and new thinking about leadership. You will explore concepts through lecture, journaling activities, small group dialogue and more. 

Central to each workshop is the concept of Conscious Bravery, which is a cyclical process that includes four key elements:

1. Developing a New Relationship with Power

Only recently have women had access to power in any real way. This includes economic, political and social power. Because of this, power is unfamiliar and women are less comfortable using it, let alone pursuing it. 

We need to reframe power so that it works for us. And it is this shift in consciousness that helps women move into positions of power as leaders. 

2. Getting Comfortable with Fear

For women, fear is a familiar experience that shows up as anxiety, lack of confidence, self-doubt and hesitation. It causes insecurity about ourselves as leaders, and this inhibits our effectiveness. 

We must learn how to quiet our fears and activate other parts of our brain that allow for critical thinking, innovation and positive emotions that propel us forward as leaders.

3. Taking Brave Action

Women must learn to take risks and act before we feel confident. Even though this makes us feel vulnerable and threatens to confirm our worst fears about ourselves, taking action builds confidence. It makes us brave.

Using a simple tool called “The Bravery Canvas,” we can tap into our power sources, name our fears and chart brave actions that will move us forward on our path to leadership.  

4. Practicing Self-Compassion

Women are very good at caring for others, and we need to do this for ourselves as well. Research shows that self-compassion helps us recover from setbacks more quickly and acts as a subconscious safety net, making us more likely to take on new challenges like leadership. 

Women who learn how to give themselves the love that they so easily give to others are powerful, which links back to the first concept of the model. As women begin to reframe power as something that comes from within through self-acceptance and self-forgiveness, they experience less fear and take more action. 


Past Women’s Leadership Workshops



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Upcoming Women’s Leadership Workshops will be announced on the AKO Collective Facebook page. To bring a workshop to your organization, please contact me.