Workshop 1: The Art & Science of Bravery

Welcome Brave Woman!!!

OMGeeeee this online workshop thing has been an amazing learning experience! And I am SO excited to share the first one with you!

Over the next three months, you will receive a workshop video link and downloadable excerpts from the Bravery Mindset Workbook.

The topics include:

  1. The Art & Science of Bravery – Here’s a little secret: You are already brave. This session will teach you ways to more consciously bring bravery into your life by reframing power and fear so you can practice bravery with intention.
  2. Storytelling as Liberation Work – For generations, women have not been the authors of their stories. This session will help you examine old stories so you can update them with your truth, rewrite and edit with your voice, and create new meaning for yourself.
  3. Authoring Your Brave New Story – Who is the woman you are aching to become? What breaks your heart about the world? And how can you bring these together? That is the outline of your Brave New Story, and in this session you will start writing it!

Ready to get started?

Before watching the video, be sure to grab your journal, open up the Bravery Mindset Workbook – Workshop 1, and tell your Brave BFF that it is time to gooooo! (You should also put on your pj’s and grab your wine/coffee/both.)

I’ve included supplementary videos below the lesson. The first is my TEDxCSU talk on “The Science of Women’s Leadership,” which was something I created using my own Bravery Canvas over a year ago. (You will learn how to use a Bravery Canvas in this video.)

There is also a link to “The Inner Critic” video that explains a concept every woman should know. It’s based on the work of Tara Mohr, author of Playing Big (a book that every woman should read).

Okay, here we go Brave Woman!