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I have good news. You are already brave. To show up as a woman in this world takes courage and persistence. Every. Single. Day.

But our  bravery has focused on the wrong things. Going inward, we try to change ourselves instead of the world around us. We must to stop blaming and shaming ourselves. We must quit trying to fix ourselves.

We are not broken. We are whole. We are complete. And the path to accepting this truth is an easy one.

AKO Collective is for women like you. Women who want to thrive, not just survive. Women who are ready to be brave in new ways.

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I have taught and mentored women for more than 20 years. I care deeply about women’s personal and professional success. I care about you. And as a mother to a little girl, I care about the next generation. They are counting on us to be brave for them.

AKO Collective offers public workshops as well as private trainings and keynotes for businesses. You can work directly with me to customize an experience that works for you or your organization.

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Public Workshops


AKO Collective offers live and online workshops to the public. Each registration includes a free ticket for a friend. Women learn best in community, and I want you to bring yours with you. I am in the process of developing new workshops that bring spiritual practice into women’s leadership development. Stay tuned for updates by joining the AKO Collective mailing list. 

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Private Trainings & Keynotes


I have trained and taught thousands of students, faculty, and staff. You can work with me to develop a customized training for your organization or invite me to keynote at your next event. My areas of expertise include women’s development, diversity and inclusion, leadership, and organizational change.

Contact me by email to inquire about private trainings and keynotes. If I can’t help you, I probably know someone who can.

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