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Women Serving Women

My work is to teach, mentor, and advise women who are serving other women. The healers and the coaches, the teachers and the trainers. The brave women who walk the path in order to illuminate it for others.

Together, we are building the capacity of women to transform our society through the positive use of power and leadership. This transformation must take place on multiple fronts, within our organizations, our families, and – most importantly – within ourselves. There is much to unlearn before we can teach others.

Womens March

Call for Collective Bravery

Through AKO Collective, you will learn to live, work, and lead bravely. I’ve spent the past four years exploring what works for women to step out of their fear:

From Weakness to Strength

The identities that make us the most vulnerable also make us the most powerful. Learning to value the experiences, perspectives, and insights that our identities give to us will inspire and sustain our efforts to create change.

From Thought to Action

The myth of heroic and fearless action is a gendered concept that keeps many women stuck in self-doubt. Learning to take small risks on a consistent basis increases our confidence and willingness to persist when we encounter obstacles.

From Me to We

Connecting to a larger purpose that serves others over the self is counter to dominant cultural norms. Learning to tap into the collective “we,” whether that’s our families, coworkers, or a larger vision for the world, transforms us into fearless changemakers.

Collective Bravery can be learned and incorporated into our life and work. Join me for a workshop or book a keynote to explore this and more. 

Bravery is calling. Let’s answer it, together.


Public Workshops

AKO Collective offers live workshops for women throughout the year. Each registration includes a free ticket for a friend. Women learn best in community, so I want you to bring yours with you.

Past workshops include a three-part Conscious Bravery series, Brave Women Leadership seminar, and Cultivating Resilience and Resistance. Stay tuned for updates by joining the AKO Collective mailing list. 

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Private Trainings

I have trained and taught thousands of students, faculty, and staff.  My areas of expertise include women’s development, diversity and inclusion, leadership, and organizational change. You can work directly with me to customize an experience that works for your organization.

Contact me by email to inquire about trainings and keynotes. If I can’t help you, I probably know someone who can.

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