So I’m Building a School for Brave Women

My daughter is afraid growing up. Her body is changing and she would like it to please stop.

With every birthday, she laments the passing of time.

“I wish I could be little forever,” she says.

And I wish she could be little forever, too. Because I am afraid of what’s to come when she leaves the shelter of my love, the vigilance of my eye.

When she goes out into the world. A world that tells her she is unworthy. Her feelings are crazy. And her body is not hers alone.

A world that I wish I could change.

But as much as she wishes, she will still grow up. And as much as I wish, I can’t change the world.

Alone, anyway.

So I’m building a school. A school for brave women. And we will change the world together.

We will learn how to make real these very simple and reasonable wishes that I have for my daughter.

And even though it sounds naive, impossible and silly to say we’re going to “change the world,” please remember.

There are groups of women doing this work all over the world. One of them – Tererai Trent – is building real schools in Zimbabwe. Others like Malala Yousafzai in Pakistan.

If you are reading this post, you are among the most powerful women on the planet. Far more powerful than Tererai or Malala when they first started.

We have privileges that most women do not. By global standards, we are educated, healthy and rich. And together, we control trillions of dollars in purchasing power and investable assets.

And we are motivated.

Because we know in our souls that if we can’t figure out how to change the world for women and girls, no one else can. Or will.

It’s that simple and that terrifying.

So let’s build a school. Together.

Let’s create tools that teach women what they already know, so they can become who they are aching to become.

Let’s give language to our pain through storytelling so we can liberate ourselves and heal, rather than seal, our wounds.

Let’s develop blueprints that transition women into a new era of modern womanhood, where our femininity and the legacy of the female tradition are our strengths.

And let’s help women like Tererai and Malala build real schools for girls across the world.

Here’s how you can become a builder of this school. Sign up for the {Re}Finishing School for Brave Women list.

You will receive a monthly email from me and my co-architect, Kristyn Emmer, one of my dearest Brave BFF’s who brings spirituality and the perspectives of Millennial women to the table.


Kristyn is on the right

In the monthly email, you will have the opportunity to try out activities that have never been seen before (mostly because we have yet to design them). We will ask for your sparkly ideas, feedback and suggestions.


You will receive invites to mini-versions of {Re}Finishing School. The first of which is taking place SaturdayNovember 18th. If you live within a 100 mile radius of Fort Collins, please mark your calendar. More info will be shared next week when the event is finalized.

I am recruiting builders until December 31, 2017. I have symbolically chosen this date to kick off {Re}Finishing School because let’s be real. 2017 suuuuuucked. And what better way to start 2018 than with a women’s world-changing school?

Mimi is growing up fast, so let’s get started.


PS – Please share this post with your Brave BFF. Because she probably wants to change the world, too.

Subscribe to {Re}Finishing School for Brave Women


9 thoughts on “So I’m Building a School for Brave Women

  1. wotsbooks says:

    Good luck ladies.
    Who knows, with enough backing, perhaps one day we’ll all be moaning at you for leaving your pants (underwear) on the floor and for leaving the toilet seat down. Doh
    Joking aside insist you all well in your endeavours

    Liked by 1 person

    • AKO Collective says:

      Thank you, and I appreciate your joke because it highlights that this school is about bringing the men with us, not just exchanging roles with them. (Although ya’ll should put your pants in the hamper and leave the lid down.)

      Liked by 1 person

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