She Hasn’t Woken Yet, But She Will

I put her to bed last night, tucked her in with her hope. She hasn’t woken yet. But she will.

When she comes down the stairs, rubbing her eyes, finding her balance, I’ll say.

Sweet girl.

I am so sorry, but I had it wrong. People are in pain. They needed more than I knew. They thought different than I thought.

I am humbled by this knowing.

That hope you had last night, it’s still there. I have it and others do, too.

So we will gather it up, as we have so many times before. Like seamstresses, we will lay it out flat. Trim and tuck, patch and sew.

Make beauty from these scraps.

While I do not know where the anger that brought us here will take us next, it is in the daylight now. We can see it, touch it, feel its heat. Do something with it instead of let it live in the darkness, untended.

There is so much we will need to do. And probably more coming. So we must prepare and be brave. So very brave.

I will hold your hand, and you will hold mine. We will be brave together.

And yes, someday, I promise. There will be a girl who is chosen. A lady President as you say. It’s just that she is still asleep, like you.

She hasn’t woken yet. But she will.

11 thoughts on “She Hasn’t Woken Yet, But She Will

    • AKO Collective says:

      My daughter calls him a bully, too. I’ve been astounded at how in tune our children are to the election. We are hosting an event for moms and daughters to create art together. It’s the best I could think to do. I hope your niece can find a similarly comforting and positive outlet. xoxo

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  1. eambrose884 says:

    You got there way before I have. I will but I’m not there yet. I’m too sad to reason; too shaken to hope. I’ve started – a little, because people are looking to me… and I look to you. Thank you for this.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. thandekamwakipesile says:

    I love so many things about this piece. I love how you said we “will make beauty of these scraps ” and I love how you said to do something with our anger and not just let it be there. I think that’s so important. So many people just wanna get through things without truly allowing themselves to feel what they are feeling and acknowledge what they are feeling, I love that this post emphasizes that there is always hope. Written so well.

    Liked by 1 person

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