On the Eve of Her

Today is the Eve of Her. The day before the most powerful nation in the world chooses a woman to lead. It feels almost sacred.

I wonder if this is how it felt to watch Neil Armstrong first step on the moon. Half a billion people clustered around television sets. Excited, afraid, in awe. Connected in their uncertainty, holding their breath.

T-Minus 5





One small step for a woman. A giant leap for humankind.

The small steps will be many, and they are of little interest to me. Of greater interest is the leap.

A young girl saying, “I want to be President,” and knowing it could be true. Because there is a President, and she looks like her.

eve of her.jpg

6 thoughts on “On the Eve of Her

  1. pnwpeoplelifestylepolitics says:

    I bawled the night before the election because of this same kind of anticipation and feeling overcome by hope. Then of course I bawled trying to go to bed the night of the election. Then I started blogging and doing anything I can do to try to make things better for all kids (including my two, 4.5 yo and 2yo). Take care, Kate

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